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Vlooi produkte


  • Lys jou produk by vlooi.
  • Jy kan enige aantal produkte lys.
  • Ons vra 6% kommisie op verkope.
  • Alle transaksies word deur vlooi behartig.
  • Pos die pakkie en verskaf die volg nommer.
  • Vlooi betaal jou sodra die pakkie versend is!
  • Welkom en lekker aanlyn koop en verkoop!!


  • You are welcome to add your product on Vlooi.
  • You may list any amount of products.
  • We add a 6% commission.
  • All transactions are managed by Vlooi.
  • Invoices will be forwarded to each supplier, so you can post your product.
  • We do not handle any stock.
  • Once the tracking number is supplied you will receive your electronic payment from Vlooi.


  • Alle klagtes en navrae aan Vlooi direk gemaak
  • Geen krediet vir produkte onder R150 nie.


  • All complaints to be directed to Vlooi, for further investigation.
  • No refunds for products under the value of R150.
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