This is what Vlooi offers sellers

FREE plan

FREE / month
  • 3.5 % transaction fee from PAYFAST
  • Pay-out fee + bank fee total R2.50
  • 6% commission
  • 20 approved products
  • No shop name
  • No cost you only pay when you sell something

FEATURES to sellers:

  • Handmade Products

    Offering you South Africa's handmade gems.

  • No Hassle

    OWN an online store without the hassle of marketing, and social media

  • Take control

    Control your own sales and stock

  • Transparent pricing

    Set your own prices and sales.

  • Reasonable shipping

    Get some of the more affordable shipping rates for your business to expand across South Africa.

  • Frequent payouts

    We pay out every 14 days.

  • No contracts and documentation

    We keep it simple.

  • Marketing done for you

    Complete digital marketing and SEO to help buyers find your products.

  • Keeping track

    Bookkeeping and sales made easy.

  • Shippig & Returns Policy

    Please make sure your shipment and return policies are in place. This will be for your shop’s account.

You can sell: HANDMADE QUALITY SOUTH AFRICAN MADE gifts and items. Upcycle, recyle, posh and vintage products.

We sometimes allow craft supplies and other handmade supplies like felt, embroidery sheen and other handmade supplies.

We also sometimes allow handmade items that are “made in small home-based factories”.

You cannot sell imported products, assembled products, factory-produced products.

All products must be shipped from within South Africa.

All store and product approvals are entirely at Vlooi’s discretion.

Each store has their own shipping and returns policy.

There might be lead times to manufacture products.

You are in charge of your courier options, and amounts. Make sure you view and set-up courier options for various Provinces. 

Stock is not kept with Vlooi, but each vendor keeps their on stock, supplies and products. 

If you order e.g. biscuits, you know it is has not been sitting on our shelf!

Please make use of authentic photos of your own products ONLY. 

Studio photos of creative photos welcome. Creative photos will give users an idea of the size of products so it is a great idea to add these. 

No contact information on photos please. 

If you package your products, please as a courtesy to Vlooi for our marketing and effort, do not add your branding on your photos. 

We advise that use make use of more than one photo especially how your product is used or worn.

Take photos from all angles.  

List products and add as much detail as possible. 

Add sizes - measurements as well as available colours. 

Rather add more than less information. 

If you do embroidery, customers can place the order and then send names to you via email. Mention this in the product description. 

The detail is crucial so customers will know exactly what they buy. 

Please watch the training videos for listing and shipping advice. 

We do pay-outs once a week, BUT after at least 72 hours have expired.

Please read the A-Z on payouts. 

Watch this video on how to upload a variable product on the NEW platform. 


Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what some of our regular customers have to say!

It is much easier to focus on my products when I don’t have to worry about marketing and technical issues.  



Vlooi is an excellent additional channel for marketing my products. 


Being on an online site with many handmade products makes marketing easier. No more checking FB and posting, I can just list and know I am online, on FB and Google!



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