Susan’s Sewing Den

Handgemaakte vatlappies

Me and my husband, Johan, are staying in the beautiful Clarens since December 2003. We moved in with not much money, but heads full of dreams. 

Johan received some money from his previous employer to start a business and we made plans in Pretoria to start an Archery range in Clarens. We taught a lot of people – kids and grownups – to do Archery, but sadly it came to an end.

I learned it from my Grandmother and Mother and Johan from his mother who did sewing for other people. While we were staying in Klerksdorp, we attended arts and craft markets where we sold our sewing items. We became marketers and met interesting people.

During 2011 we started sewing: 

  • Messenger Bags 
  • Ponchos 
  • Laptop bags
  • Backpacks

We designed the patterns of the Messenger Bags ourselves and this led to the sewing of Laptop Bags. 


handmade backpacks

We decided to sew more items so we started sewing more kinds of Bags like Tote Bags and also kitchen items. We love to use cotton fabric for you kitchen sets, because it is safe.  We also designed our own patterns. The Kitchen items include aprons, potholders and placemats. Johan is also now sewing items from heavy canvas-like Backpacks and Messenger Bags.

We can be creative through our sewing. We are constantly learning new things because you can never say that you know everything about what you are doing. We both cannot image our lives without sewing.

Available in various designs, fabrics and colours!! Let us know what you like and we will make it for you!

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