Fynemists Gift Time Hamper


Fynemists Gift Time Hamper includes:
1 x 200ml Orange Blossom Before You Go Pre-Toilet Spray
1 x 50ml Lavender Luxury Before You Go Pre-Toilet Spray
1 x 50ml Moisturizing, Scented Hand Sanitizer

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Actual value of these products: R450
You save R45!

The Orange Blossom and The Lavender Luxury Fynemist Before You Go Pre-Toilet Sprays Fynemists effectively neutralize odours and scent the air. 

No more having to use toilet sprays that try to mask odours and end up leaving a synthetic smell with a whiff attached.  You will be amazed.

Used as a pre toilet spray: Shake & spritz five sprays into the loo before you go for a no. 2. The Fynemist forms a barrier preventing bad smells from escaping into the air.  It is indeed the mist to keep the mystery.

Used as an air freshener: Shake & spray into the air to naturally purify and scent your environment.

The 50ml size is ideal to pop in your bag and to carry in your car and in your pocket. No more embarrassing visits to the public and office loo for you.

Please see individual product listings for the wellbeing enhancing benefits of both our Orange Blossom and our Lavender Luxury blended mists.

Fynemist Signature Scented Hand Sanitizer

Sanitize, moisturize, and fragrance your hands naturally.
No more harsh hand rubbing for you, leaving your hands dry, with a yucky smell to boot.
We use the World Health Organization’s recommended formula for effective hand cleaning.
– FIVE antiseptic, fragrant essential oils in our signature scent blend-

The 200ml size is perfect for your home, office, shop, and reception.

The 50ml size is ideal to pop in your bag and to carry in your car and in your pocket.

Did you know that you can use your own hand sanitizer when entering a shop or restaurant? Whip out your travel size Fynemist sanitizer rather than using the harsh, stinky shop sanitizers. It’s your right to sanitize with your own Fynemist and protect your skin.

Why do we include essential oils?

The specifically chosen essential oils enhance the antiseptic value of our hand sanitizer.  They include antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic benefits to help you stay free from disease-causing germs.  The essential oil fragrance lingers well after the alcohol has evaporated, leaving a fresh natural scent on your hands.

Ingredients: Pure alcohol/ethanol, glycerine, and five specifically chosen antiseptic (antibacterial, antimicrobial) essential oils.

How does it work?
The sanitizing alcohol evaporates quickly, but the essential oils stay on your skin longer. This provides you with prolonged protection from disease-causing organisms.

Does it moisturize?

Yes! The moisturizing effect comes from using glycerin in our formulations. Fynemists hand sanitizer gently moisturizes whilst sanitizing.

Ps. You’re welcome to purchase additional products to fill the courier bag and save on courier costs. 

Save on your shipping cost by purchasing enough Fynemists to fill the courier parcel!


The standard R100 courier fee allows for a package that will fit 6 x 200ml Fynemists or 10 x 50ml Fynemists.

Shipping Countries: South Africa

Shipping States: Eastern Cape (South Africa), Free State (South Africa), KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), Gauteng (South Africa), Limpopo (South Africa), Mpumalanga (South Africa), Northern Cape (South Africa), North West (South Africa), Western Cape (South Africa)

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 30 cm


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