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handmade soap

Boerseep is a common household name in South Africa. It is a tradition that came with us, but luckily we need not stick to the traditional soap. We have natural infused and flavoured soaps that we can use now, without all loosing the benefits of our heritage.

Soap is something we use every day, for washing our bodies, clothes as well as in and around the house. But, we are also constantly more aware of the dangers of the chemicals we use. How it affects our health, our unique immune systems, and our total well being. We are flooded with information on what to do and what not to do. What to check for and what is dangerous…


Life can and should be easier. Life should allow more time for your peace of mind and health. On Vlooi we have handmade soaps, made by our soap ladies that are free of all the harmful ingredients. You can ask for the list of ingredients, and they will share it with you. Most of them use natural products, and the soap is safe to use for you and your clothes.

Visit our lady vanilla store for unique handmade soap gifts.

Lady Vanilla on @VlooiHandmade has a selection of Boerseep, which will take out any stain – believe me I have tried and tested this soap myself! There are various infused bath salts available for your choice!! Happy shopping!!


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