The A-Z on Stores and Payouts

Your business is our business:

You can open a store from any country as long as you source and process the orders in South Africa. This will give the younger generation the advantage of helping their parents process orders, and still get sales!

Vlooi has a unique customer base and we approach marketing differently. We only do handmade products, made in South Africa. Selling on Vlooi will give you additional exposure and we target a different market than other marketplace vendors and even your own store.

You can sell your products on any platform, as a courtesy we ask that you advertise it on Vlooi at the same price you would in your own store. 

We do marketing, to our customer base, and this way you get a bigger audience looking at your products. 

Should you wish to buy from Vlooi and export the goods, please get in contact with us via email to get shipping charges and arrangements in order. 

You need not sign an contract with us, we only ask that you adhere to some basic courtesy principles:

Price your product on Vlooi the same as in your own store and on other platforms to give us a fair chance to do your marketing effectively. 

When a request is received from Vlooi, process the transaction with us, we are bringing you sales and we have been working hard for that.

Ensure you keep your customers happy by delivering the best customer service ever. 

Ensure that you DO add your shipping and returns policies on your store information. 

The category I want to sell in does not exist! Should this happen, please just contact us and we will create it for you. Sometimes categories are not listed, because we do not have sellers in that category yet!

We added a creative flair to the categories, make the most if this!! Dare to be different with your products too!

This is art - not just a crafters market! 

Once you are registered we will send you a document with tips on how to take beautiful pics and make your product look fab!!

  • No branding on product photos
  • No contact info on photos
  • No prices on photos
  • Load more than one photo of your product and how to use or wear your product
  • Authentic photos
  • No Google photos of similar products - it should be YOUR authentic photo
  • If it is not part of the sale – cat licking your birthday cake – don’t make it part of the photo!
  • If it can contribute to ideas to use - e.g. setting in garden or on table, then add it to the photo!
  • Please add good quality photos, this is your first impression of your product, and it will be lasting. Make it magic!!
  • Watch our video with tips on how to take great product photos!

The A-Z on Vendor Payouts

Payouts happen every FRIDAY
Each FRIDAY  you'll be paid out for all orders placed up to midnight on the preceding Wednesday.

If a public holiday falls on a FRIDAY, you will be paid out on the MONDAY. If by some happy accident both FRIDAY and MONDAY are public holidays, you will be paid out on the Thursday, but bear in mind that it may take a day or two to reflect in your bank account.
Please allow a day or two for the money to show in your account. 

We bank with FNB and make payments into your bank account via EFT. 

By Law, payments should be held 2-3 business days for two main reasons:

  • The online paygate can not release money before 48 hours to give customer the opportunity to report fraudulent activity on their credit cards.
  • We need time to process the transaction and setup your payment to be processed.

You are advertising on VLOOI, and we can assure you that if you received the payment, if it is not cancelled from our side within 48 hours due to fraudulent activity on a credit card, the transaction is valid.

You will get your payment from us.

Once you receive your order, we suggest waiting 72 hours and then mail your package.

This will ensure you have a happy customer on the other end!

It is your responsibility to ensure that your banking details are correct.

If we're notified that your banking details are incompatible, or a payment has bounced, we will notify you, and your payout will be held until the following FRIDAY.

Please double check your details to ensure no delays in payouts!

The R8.00 is a per-pay-out fee we charge to cover our BANKING CHARGES.

PAYFAST charges 3.5% on the transaction.  There is a PAYFAST payout fee of R2.50 and at this moment we do not charge a payout fee.  WOW!!

Once you receive an order, and payment was made, it will default to processing. 

Please send us an email with the courier tracking number to ensure we know YOU SENT the order and we can make payment!

Life happens and we urge you to keep a close eye on your email for order so that we can process payments. 

Any other questions? Send us an email and we will answer it and add the outcome here!

  • You can sell: HANDMADE QUALITY SOUTH AFRICAN MADE gifts and items. Upcycle, recyle, posh and vintage products.
  • We may allow: Craft supplies and other handmade supplies like felt, embroidery sheen and other handmade supplies.
  • We also sometimes allow handmade items that are “made in small home based factories”.
  • You cannot sell: imported products, assembled products, factory produced products.
  • All products must be shipped from within South Africa - for overseas shipments please email us for a quote.
  • All store and products approvals are entirely at Vlooi’s discretion.

Vlooi does not buy or keep stock of products. Our vendors manage their own stock and shipments. This way we save cost (your product is only shipped once), time (from supplier to you) and we can ensure you do get the best quality on your doorstep (less opportunity for breakage and home baked products will be FRESH)!


We do payouts once a week, BUT after at least 72 hours have expired and we also require a tracking number for your package. This is to keep you as well as the buyer safe.

Please refer to the A-Z on payouts. 


Don’t take our word for it, have a look at what some of our regular customers have to say!

Thank you for my unique products!! Just love to support local and be lekker!!



Dit is so lekker om te sien wat almal maak, ek koop graag my geskenke op Vlooi. 



Ek kry altyd unieke oorbelle op Vlooi!! dankie vir almal wat so hard werk dat ek so mooi kan lyk 😉