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HANDMADE Vlooi Since 1999 – We provide a service where you list your product in our gift shop, bringing people South Africa’s Handmade Gems. We list quality gifts, made in the homes of people, either new or from recycled material, organic products and sometimes it is the only bread and butter for that family. Be sure to look out for our POSH selection, for that special occasion! But, support local, support our artisanal crafts ladies and men and see what we have to offer on Vlooi’s Handmade gift shop!

Where are our vendors?
Most of our vendors live on farms. They take a few days to get to a post office or get the gifts available for couriers. Because the gifts are handmade, it can take a while to make your special handmade gem. Therefore, should you want something NOW, you may be lucky, but it is the same as good food: it takes time to prepare. We might take a few days to MAKE your gift and then we can ship it. If there is stock, we can help you right away.

Who lists on Vlooi? 

We have vendors all over the country. From Mpumalanga to Cape Town. We source suppliers on groups and invite them to join Vlooi. Some find us through friends, Facebook and Google, and other supporters. Our main aim is, however, to provide an opportunity for a local business to list and have an opportunity to provide for crafters to sell online …(without the constant placing of ads in Facebook groups). Once you place your ad on Facebook it is a matter of minutes before it is at the bottom of the feed again. However, with an online shop, you are always present and always available on a page. Our own Facebook group has a shop section, where all products are listed – if you insist on using Facebook – I love Facebook because we find our suppliers there! 

Therefore, if you know of someone who has a brilliant product that you are interested in, tell him or her about this platform … you might just be changing lives by allowing them to sell more products online. 




 maak rande met jou hande | turn passion into profit

If you do want to list your product, please take time to watch this video on how to take a nice picture of your product!!

Your handmade product photo is your first handshake with your client. How do you want that to happen? Do you want them to be impressed and love the product, or do you want them to look at the picture and not be sure this is what they want …That … is up to you!! BELIEVE ME!! That is how I shop online. I look for quality and your product quality will be spoken by the PHOTO you take!!

We look forward to AMAZING images on the handmade gifts shop and we are looking forward to your amazing gems that will be for sale!

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